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My Trip to Iran: The Story Behind the Story

By David Mould: Updated March 25, 2024

Enshrined inside the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (at the Dulles Airport annex in Virginia), the Enola Gay will forever be known as “the plane that dropped the bomb.” On August 6th, 1945, she was America’s Flying Superfortress … authorized by President Truman to conduct a mission debated to this day.

Here's the backdrop

World War 2 was coming to an end. Germany had surrendered, but not Japan. On July 26th, 1945, President Truman and the Allies issued the Potsdam Declaration, urging Japan to surrender, or face “prompt and utter destruction.”

Japan refused — and the mission to bomb went forward.

On this 1,500-mile flight from Tinian island to Hiroshima, the Enola Gay carried a crew of 12. Not privy to top-secret tests that had given scientists in New Mexico a pretty good idea of what was to come, they flew nonchalantly.


Incredibly, pilot and Commander Paul Tibbets wrote that some of his crew — in blissful ignorance as to the true nature of their cargo — actually played cards on the lethal bomb, code named “Little Boy.“


I sometimes wonder if some of us aren't doing the same thing … playing cards on the bomb.

  • Do we really know what God has given to the world in the gift of prophecy?
  • Do we half know what lies in our collective womb, and in our books?

Take one prophecy for example — Daniel 9:25 (which predicted the year Messiah would come the 1st time). Its intricate interpretation is spelled out in Ellen White's classic, The Great Controversy, pages 324 – 328, but how many of us have read it? Or even if we've read it, how many of us have simply skimmed over it, not realizing what we're reading?


Thanks to the horrific history of anti-Semitism meted out to the Jews by supposedly Christian powers (a history that unfortunately culminated with the Holocaust, or Shoah) roughly 15 million Jews worldwide—quite understandably—want nothing to do with Jesus as Messiah. But were these forces really Christian? Believing two of Daniel's prophecies capable of shedding enormous light on this catastrophe, in June of 2019 I set out on the first leg of a journey to prove it.

Q.   Destination?

A.    Iran — where Daniel 9 was given in the first place!

To amplify this prophecy, we desperately needed footage of:

  • whatever’s left of the palace at Shushan, where the angel Gabriel met with the prophet Daniel (See Daniel 8: 2, 16), and
  • the tombs of the three kings mentioned in the interpretation of the prophecy: Cyrus, Darius and Artaxerxes.

We’d already found most of what we needed when one day, while filming in Hamedan (where the tomb of Esther and Mordecai is located) one of three Muslim men with me pointedly asked: “prophecy, what is that?”

What does this suggest to you?

To me it confirmed something I’d already believed.

This prophecy is not just for Israel, it is for Islam too. The lack of prophecy in the Quran isn’t just Islam’s Achilles heel, it’s a gaping hole, waiting to be filled. Properly presented, I believe the two prophecies already alluded to in the book of Daniel (Daniel 7:24, 25 & Daniel 9:25) can not merely fill that hole, they can open new vistas to the minds of thinking people everywhere and have a major impact on humanity. I really believe this.


The task facing us now is the completion of our project.

To finish it — to film in every location called for in our script — we must now travel way beyond the six countries we'd tentatively placed on our shot list: Israel, France, Germany, Scotland, Great Britain and one undisclosed location.

Wanting now to film along the route taken by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar as he returned home with his caravan of Hebrew captives, the vision of what we believe God would have us produce has grown considerably.

More than reconnaissance, these trips and videography could easily cost us upwards of $200,000.00. No, we’re not playing cards with this prophecy. Not by a long shot. Rather, we're determined to take Daniel's prophecies to the ends of the earth.

With this world threatening every day to blow up in our faces, and with the question of that Muslim man still ringing in my ears, how can I not go forward?

“Prophecy, what is that?”

  • I’d like to answer him by finishing this project now.
  • I'd like to answer him by producing powerful, effective videos that: (a) will not just reach him, but (b) can be shared all over the world.

Can you partner with us?

The Story In Video

Below are four videos that chronicle our trip to Iran from idea to reality. The first, uploaded on September 12th, 2018, was only 36 seconds long. At that stage of development, we introduced our hoped-for trip to Iran as part of our Y-2K series.

We solicit your prayers and financial support.

God bless you.


"I've Got One Book On My Mind."

Ellen White's The Great Controversy



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